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    I do have some questions that people ask me all the time and here are the answers. I'm continually updating this page so if you have a query please email me. I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

    Where do I go for my lesson?
    I teach from my home in central Southampton, near the Inner Avenue.

    How often do I need to practise?
    Little and often is better than practising for just an hour on Sunday afternoons. If you are a beginner then you only need to do 5 - 10 minutes four times a week.

    But what if I forget to practise?
    You're not the only one who forgets. There are far too many distractions; TV, Facebook, playing with the dogs, etc. In your learning plan we can set your practice times to fit around you. This will help you to remember and keep on track.

    Can I do grades?
    Of course you can. We'll set your learning plan to get you there at your own pace.

    What if I can't come to my lesson?
    There are many reasons why you may not be able to attend. If you know you will be away in the following month then it may be possible to reduce the monthly payment. If you have to miss your lesson at the last minute then you may be able to move to another time. Please see the prices page for more information and the full terms and conditions.

    What if I want to stop having lessons?
    Then please let me know. If you want to stop then tell me that you want to stop. I won't bite! Someone else might want lessons who can take your time slot.

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