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    The best way to get in touch is to send an email to cari@carilaythorpemusic.co.uk. I am not always available on the mobile and, to be perfectly honest, I rarely use it; it's more of a 'spam collector'!

    I am based near Southampton city centre, between the Inner Avenue and Onslow Road. When you book your first lesson I will send directions to you.

    Because I am so close to Southampton city centre, getting here is quite straightforward. There are many buses which come down the Avenue and Onslow Road. St Denys train station is 10 minutes walk away and Southampton Central is 15 minutes walk.

    I am sorry to say that I am unable to travel to give lessons elsewhere.


    Parking is available in the 1-hour places. These are located at the end of Cedar Road and the end of Castle Street. If you park in a permit holders only space there is a high risk that you will get a parking fine. Do not park on Southcliff Road. I cannot stress this enough. The parking wardens are highly vigilant around here. Please don't risk getting fined.

    If you are going to be here for longer than an hour we do have temporary permits which you can use. However, we do not have an unlimited supply of temporary permits so please try to park in the 1-hour places where possible. There are 1-hour spaces at the end of every street.

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